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    i never ever EVEr share nudes but thats mainly selfish reasons because i feel special if i am the sole owner of first edition nudes. the protector of the golden nude. the guardian 

    what are some pros and cons of going to ucsd?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Not really a good answer to this. I haven’t experienced enough of ucsd OR any other college to really value anything with a solid amount of insight. Everything you hear about college pretty much applies.

    Anything you do like in a university will be because of the people you meet and your hobbies, involvement, and personal preferences. Anything you dislike will be the same. 

    Generally though, we are known for having good Medical, Chemistry, and Engineering programs, we have really nice buildings, our mindset is pretty progressive even though the students themselves are still about 50/50 conservative/liberal and the gym is probably the best one in California and I’m not joking.

    I mean literally the best gym I’ve ever seen, including on the internet, and it’s included in tuition.

    Cons. Campus is big, but you get used to it over time and everyone is a fuckin noob so you’ll deal with a lot of people not knowing their limits and throwing up/being afraid the whole time they’re high.

    how do you deal with a long distance relationship? do you think things would be different if you were on opposite sides of the country? my gf is going to BC and i'm worried

    Asked by Anonymous

    Well my relationship isn’t so much long distance as it is medium distance. She’s an hour away and we have cars so pretty much every two weekends or so we get the chance to see each other. The parts in between are pretty tough but survivable. 

    Would they be different if we were on opposite sides of the country. Yeah.

    The decision to stay together over the summer, and then past that in college was made during Senior year so we were able to pick colleges we liked and also we happened to get into colleges that were really close! If we were dead set on going to opposite sides of the country we might not have wanted to stay together, like two of my close friends did. One went to UCB, CA and the other went to Berklee in Boston. 

    In my love-struck mind though I imagine that we would be more like another two close friends of mine who ended up going to college in different countries. One of them went to NYU and the other took an NYU program. In France. They stayed together.

    As for how to deal with it, well it honestly depends on two things. First of all, communication. Without this, nothing works out, and it should be the cornerstone of any relationship. The second thing, which you have less control over, is a bit of a two-parter tbh. Who you two are as people, and the dynamics of your relationship.

    If you two have committed emotionally, have a lot of trust in each other, and are stable understanding people with no drastic emotional needs, then as long as you try and talk enough you’ll be just fine.

    However, you’re both people and people have needs. If you two have needs that you simply cannot meet in a way that is acceptable to the both of you, then staying together may not be something that’s possible without a lot of stress. Even then you may have to ask yourself if you even want to be in a relationship that causes you that kind of stress.

    What I think you should do (if your SO is willing), is stay together, keep communication up and remember to focus on improving yourself, since you’ll have a lot of free time from not having to deal with potential new romances. Be awesome, successful, and independent, and share yourself with your partner. 

    A word though. If you can’t - right now - see yourself one day marrying this person, don’t do it. There’s no point.


    gettin’ real at dinner

    Thank you all for your kind words about Graveyard Quest’s ending. We will see a physical release of it eventually, just not this year. Next year. Definitely by next TCAF at least.

    Friday I announced that I’m starting up a new comic: an adaptation of the original Pinocchio story! It’s gonna be good. Starts up on Sept 15th, right after SPX, which I will be at with Topatoco.
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