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    i truly need to get hold of a flip phone tho

    only way to avoid these jezebels out here

    if shawty still fuck with you after you pull out a motorola razr v3

    you got a keeper and she deserves alll the exotic foods and delicacies tbh

    My fiance has a flip phone :)

    i feel so bad for you this post was a joke how yall livin you supposed to eat at least 3 meals a day

    are memes worse nowadays? haha. no. you’re worse. still as lame as when you thought FFFUUUU was hilarious but now you’re jaded to even this


    BEAMS x Pokemon 1:1 Pikachu Plush

    The third collaboration between BEAMS and Pokemon has resulted in this 1/1 size (40 cm) and weight (6 kg) Pikachu plush. Each Pikachu comes with a special bag designed specifically for the plush.

    Shelf price is roughly $185.

    These Pikachus will be available through BEAMS (and I assume Japanese Pokemon Centers). Pre-orders are currently available through the BEAMS on-line shop, although overseas orders might not be possible.

    (via not--steve)

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